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Through a partnership with City of Muskogee and specifically though the Muskogee Cares program Judge Brett Smith recommended Sarah Daves-Thompson to come to Gospel Rescue Mission.

Sarah was in the courtroom wearing an orange jumpsuit, again.With 15 years of methamphetamine addiction Sarah was living on borrowed time.(Most of those addicted to meth don’t live much more than 10 years if they don’t find freedom from this drug.)The drug was robbing her of life and as she looked at herself in her prison issued wardrobe she lost any sense of self worth.With 27 years of addiction that had started when she was just 14, Sarah had just about lost all hope.

When the judge introduced her to Jack Murr, the Rescue director of the Gospel Rescue Mission, for the first time since she could remember she felt real hope and jumped at the opportunity for life change.

Sarah says the Mission has provided her with the following:

  • Resources to change her life
  • Accountability partner
  • Clarity of mind
  • Hope for the future

With those tools at her disposal and much more Sarah is moving toward her dream of being a hairdresser with her own shop.She knows that road to that dream will not be easy but because of your support and a new relationship with Jesus, Sarah is taking the first steps in the right direction.She started by building her relationship with Jesus and is a member of New Hope Assembly of God where she receives encouragement and accountability toward this new life.

These are the basic steps that Sarah sees toward her dream:

  • Get a job
  • Get some business education
  • Work again as a hairdresser for someone else
  • Own her own shop